somesuch stories

somesuch stories is an annual collection of fiction and non-fiction stories that address contemporary culture and society championing longform writing along the way.



we’re delighted to include Somesuch Stories for the first time. This is their 4th edition and they have produced magazines/books that are known for their subtlety and inclusivity. This issue, at 176 pages, is a tome full of intriguing and entertaining essays, and literary and poetic contributions on redemption. These include Joseph Keckler’s piece on the redemption of American culture which suggests shedding some of the established cultural bastions to reveal the new wave of gems that lie beneath; Daisy Johnson’s essay on novel writing and representing the female voice; and Octavia Bright visits Margate and asks moral questions, calling on T.S. Eliot for help. Many more contributions make up the issue, including those that look at yoga, cinema, sexual liberation and AI.
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