the idler

the idler is a bi-monthly magazine “devoted to helping people to lead more fulfilled lives.” the idler title is in reference to a life that is free, a life that is comfortable with pausing from routine and chores.



issue 59 of The Idler is a strong one. in particular there’s an excellent essay on the devout Yogis who fast for days on end during the festival of Navratra, and a super interview with Father Ted, IT Crowd and Black Books writer Graham Linehan who speaks about what makes a successful sitcom, social media and Catholicism. elsewhere there are art and book reviews, plenty of short features on the slow life, clamping, snooker, growing vegetables, low cost car shopping and much else.
// from the issue: inaction men //

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taking the theme of minimalism, The Idler bring together an array of excellent features, including a super interview with prolific author, Geoff Dyer; a tour of Paris’ catacombs and of a house in Brno in the Czech Republic designed by architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe; and a look around the new Basquiat exhibit all at The Idler’s typical strolling pace.

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in #57 hayley atwell strolls along the thames telling the idler about her new role in a bbc adaptation of howard’s end; there’s a report of the hell that is working for amazon; a brief history of yawning; the nose flute; the case for a three-day weekend and much more.

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